John K Hosein Sales Representative

John K Hosein Sales Representative

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In our ever changing Real Estate market, buying and selling isn't always easy; At some point you may require the assistance of a knowledgeable and reliable professional - Whatever side of the equation you are on, I wish you the best of luck. I am happy to assist you through your decision making process. I am confident that the combination of your needs together with my resources will put you in your dream home. If your friends or loved ones are in need of reliable and professional Real Estate services…like one happy family - everyone is welcome. 

                                                             I'M THE PROFESSIONAL
                                      THAT PROFESSIONALS USE

I am an intense, driving, results-oriented self-starter whose sense of urgency is tempered and disciplined by my concern for the accuracy and quality of my work. I hold myself and those I work with to exacting, ever-increasing, goals. I can react and adjust quickly to changing conditions and come up with practical ideas for dealing with them.  I'm purposeful, driven to get things done quickly, accurately, and involving the necessary people. I respond positively and actively to challenge and pressure, and have confidence in my ability to handle problems and people.  In making decisions, I put pressure on myself to gather the necessary information quickly, and take action without delay. 



  • Forceful and convivial in guiding the process towards my client's goal.
  • Driven to keep the process moving along as quickly as possible while mindful of the complexities and consequences of implementation details.
  • I work with my customer to close the deal and I use firm persuasion and subtle pressure to finalize a sale quickly.
  • I am outwardly focused on my audience, intuitively reading them and adjusting my style to meet their needs.
  • Potentially adept at conveying the complexities of a product or service in easy-to-understand terms, communicating clearly and effectively with a variety of styles
               Realtor Background: Trinidad & Tobago          |          Language Spoken:  English
               Professional Status  : 15 Years of Sr. Management Roles including Director of Operations, Director of Sales & Service

               Member of                  :  Halton Peel Professional Executive Network           
               Member of                  :  York Regional Professional Executive Network


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